Turn Automated Hiring in Your Favor

Companies tech and non-tech are gradually shifting their recruitment from manual to automated. Two years of remote working and recruiting have accelerated the automation of the hiring process. 

Leaders have realized that manual intervention at least at the beginning of the hiring process can lead to biases either intentional or unintentional because ultimately, humans have a natural tendency to be inclined towards familiarity. Hence, technologies such as Natural Language Processing for resume screening and assessments for first rounds are being leveraged increasingly to automate recruitment. 

If you are thinking that these technologies are one-time hype, then you need to know how they are not just improving candidate experience but also companies’ bottom lines. Automated technologies such as chatbots or RPA for document collection, NLP for resume screening, and AI for interviews provide detailed insights into a candidate’s performance, cut through geographical barriers, and reduce the manpower needed in the hiring process, hence, providing a cost-efficient and effective alternative. Along with this it also ensure a specific focus on diversity and inclusion during the hiring process. 

The companies have also learned that to find the most suitable candidate possessing all the required skills with desired proficiency in both tech and soft skills, assessments such as coding, aptitude, psychometric, etc, are not just accurate and quick but also save cost and can be used for both freshers as well as experienced candidates. 

But as a candidate how can you keep up with all these technologies and ensure that they work in your favour?
Here are 3 things that you can do to increase your chances of getting selected in the era of automated hiring :-

  • Error-free Resume 
  • Make your resume precise and grammatically correct. Make sure that you use the right action verbs. Use STAR approach – Situation, Task, Action and Result to highlight your experience and problem solving prowess.
  • The template you use should be simple and clutter-free
  • Formatting is the key to ensuring that your resume comes off as appealing to the recruiters
  • Use clear headings. This makes recognizing the key points effortless for a computer as well as a human
  • Always convert your resume into PDF format before sharing it with recruiters


  • Practice makes Progress
  • Practice aptitude test before appearing for any company, there are numerous free resources that you can leverage for acing the assessment tests used for hiring
  • Give mock tests and get used to sitting for 1-2 hours straight for an assessment 
  • For psychometric tests the key is honesty. Portray exactly who you are and no one can stop you from scoring well.


  • Be Natural 
  • For AI interviews, pretend you are having a conversation with another human, not only will this make you less nervous but also help you give better answers
  • These technologies are made human-friendly, so if you do not do well in one question, do not let it get to you, simply continue with the next question. Remember recruiters are not looking for perfection but rather coachability and people who can manage pressure.
  • Give mock interviews, this will help you become comfortable with the technology used in the automated hiring process

Technologies will keep improving every passing day, therefore you need to adapt, ensuring that it acts as a boon for your career trajectory.


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