How to Balance Upskilling and Full-Time Job

Hybrid working is gradually becoming a norm and it is here to stay. But as the world of work does a 180-degree flip, for companies to stay efficient and employees to remain relevant, upskilling and re-skilling will have to be accelerated. 

Be it the new-age soft skills (like communicating in a virtual world), or keeping pace with the latest technical skills, it has become necessary for companies to encourage and provide the right resources to their employees. 

But once the companies do their part, how can employees make sure that they upskill and perform efficiently at their job simultaneously? Remote working has blurred the boundaries between job and home life, often making it difficult to switch off from one and be present in the other. When learning (upskilling) enters the equation it becomes all the more difficult to balance and prevent fatigue. 

Here are some ways in which employees can upskill, give their best at the job and not miss a beat of their home life:-

  1. Upskilling = Investment in Efficiency 

You need to understand that when you decide to upskill yourself, you are investing in your career and future efficiency at your current job. Your upskilling is going to benefit you as well as your company, so do not let the time that you borrow from your job to upskill make you feel guilty. Because this borrowed time is going to give huge returns to you and your company.

    2.Communicate with your manager

Make your expectations and needs clear to your manager. Communicate with your manager about the course you are undertaking, the time that you would have to devote, how it will benefit the company and the team, and finally your career advancement expectations. Having this conversation not only helps you but also your manager to assign you tasks for that period accordingly as well as guide you in your career acceleration, complementing your efforts in training and development.

    3.Find a Study-Buddy

It is always nice to have a study partner, as it translates into peer learning as well as motivating you to complete the course undertaken till the end. Study-Buddies enable you to learn better, keep you driven, help you build a true connection, and also ensure that you do not overwork yourself to fatigue. Learning with someone is always more fun than to do it all by yourself.

     4.Find a course that complements your existing job

When you are looking to upskill yourself, it is generally preferable to undertake a course that is harmonious with your current role. As this will make communicating with your manager about the course, and doing your job much easier. Further, the course will assist you to become better at your job, reflecting on the results you deliver. 

Companies around the world have realized the value that lies in the employees who have the drive to keep learning, and hence your decision for upskilling will be seen in a positive light by your manager aiding you to achieve your goals with ease


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Cacti’s work culture has allowed me to change my career field after 18 years of experience. The transparency and faith gave me the confidence to take up opportunities in a completely new field and succeed in the same. It is the commitment that Cacti puts into my growth that acts as the biggest motivator.
– Laxmee Jena

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I have worked in different areas to understand what I enjoy the most. The creative freedom and opportunity that I have been given to try and learn different things have truly made work enjoyable for me.
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Coming from a non-technical background to working in the tech-analytics domain of the organization, Cacti has paved the way for my dreams to become reality. This was possible because Cacti helped me to become an expert and specialize in the field of my liking
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What makes Cacti Global unique is the inclusivity and the strong culture of collaboration that I have seen being reflected across all levels within the organization as well as echoed in client profiles. The open and supportive environment has encouraged me to share ideas. The team spirit and willingness to help each other are truly inspiring. I am grateful to be a part of such a great group.

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Cacti Global has provided me with a very conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper. The essence of the organization lies in its contemporary, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach towards ways of working. There is a true sense of belonging, respect, and involvement that has helped me derive job satisfaction

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Satisfying and smooth journey for 2 years with Cacti has helped me in maintaining an incredible balance between my personal life and job. For me, Cacti has been like a family which is always supportive, and encouraging. The flexible hours is a huge plus and also a major motivator.
– Rita Jaitley