Search and Retrieval Time Reduced by 90% for Refining Company

Managed Services Legal Tech

A sneak peek into one of our projects where our Managed Services in Legal-Tech enabled our client to gain maximum value out of their CLM Solution and improved the efficiency of their processes.

Client Profile 

The client we catered to is a downstream company of an international scale. They have a prominence across the hydrocarbon value chain from Refining to Retail

Challenge/ Problem Statement

“The hurdles faced in Managing organizational and information silos Post CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) Implementation. It is difficult to have access to talent who understands the Post-Implementation problems from the root cause”

Overcoming Key Hurdles

  • Aligning all the stakeholders post-implementation to facilitate user and change management.
  • Talent that can understand the gaps in Implementation and can come up with solutions.

Solution and Use Cases Developed

Solution: Building a post-implementation team to help the client with legacy migration and building the central repository through our Legal Tech Managed Services.

Use Case: Supporting the client through a team of technical and functional consultants to resolve post-implementation roadblocks and smoothen user adoption.


  • Built Central Repository that housed 500+ legacy contracts along with newly created records thus helping the client extract maximum value from contracts.
  • The central repository further facilitated bringing down the search & retrieval time by 90%.
  • Increased user adoption that scaled up to 700+ users across all verticals of the company.


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