CoCounsel Passes the Bar Exam: Good News or Threat?

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Lawyers can now delegate substantive and complex tasks to an AI assistant and trust its results. CoCounsel is the legal tech industry’s first AI-powered assistant and also the talk of the town


If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT yet, it’s time you take notice. As news sites and articles are flooding the Internet with updates on how AI bots are disrupting industries, OpenAI’s latest buzzing technology, ChatGPT-4 – CoCounsel is aiming for law. The research and development team created highly autonomous systems that would outperform humans at work and GPT-4 is the company’s latest groundbreaking innovation. Although the technology is still in its development phases and not 100% accurate, it is demonstrating the capability of analyzing complex legal information. CoCounsel is not yet ready to replace lawyers but instead acts as a supporting legal assistant that can take up everyday tasks.

An OpenAI announcement stated: “GPT-4 is enhanced with the latest capabilities and can solve the most difficult challenges with great accuracy. It offers safe, useful, and precise responses to queries and is the next-gen evolution when it comes to problem-solving. It is garnering a broader knowledge base in the legal segment.”

The announcement further continued: “GPT-4 is not just fast but creative and collaborative as well. It can iterate on technical writing tasks and generate unique content plus edit it. From learning a user’s writing style, composing new sections or paragraphs, and adapting to the latest legal formats, it is greatly impacting the way the legal industry does business and is beginning to get leveraged by lawyers already.”

Everyone’s Favourite Legal AI Is Here

CoCounsel aids lawyers with several critical legal tasks like reviewing documentation, searching databases, summarizing files, and checking contracts for policy compliance purposes. It helps with contract drafting, and data extraction, as well as can assist attorneys with their deposition preparation.

Casetext’s AI program has made significant progress by spending approximately 4,000 hours in training and perfected CoCounsel’s output by basing its performance on how it answered more than 30,000 legal questions. The model was put to the test on every legal skill and went through thousands of internal tests so that its accuracy and reliability could be evaluated.

Chief Technology Officer of Casetext, Dr. Ryan Walker added: “CoCounsel combines next-gen AI with cutting-edge data privacy and security which law firms require. The models do not use client data for training and law firms retain total control over their data. CoCounsel is the most secure when it comes to AI assistants in legal tech.”

Will CoCounsel Replace Lawyers?

CoCounsel is changing law practice by automating critical and time-intensive tasks so that lawyers can stay productive on the most important aspects of their practice. Its development and adoption align with the changing requirements of the legal tech landscape and law firms who are looking to scale up their ventures can do so successfully by implementing it.

Currently, it has the potential to revolutionize the way lawyers practice but it is quickly becoming evident that it is nowhere near as developed to completely replace lawyers. The platform is designed to serve as an AI legal assistant to lawyers and we believe that this technology can increase access to justice.




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