Workforce Planning: Ingredient for Ethical Growth

The workforce is one of the central resources for the company to sustain and grow. Today with increasing competition and proliferation of technology, it is the quality of the workforce that gives the competitive advantage to any organization and makes all the difference. Aligning workforce strategy with the overall business strategy helps businesses to make the most of the talent, over and above that it also keeps employees motivated, directly affecting the bottom line. Further, to tread on the path of ethical growth, workforce planning becomes an essential ingredient.

Effective workforce planning helps in two ways to ensure that the company takes into consideration how its actions affect current and potential employees:-

  1. Prevents reckless hiring and laying off of employees
  2. Prevents from creating excess stress or workload for current employees as the business grows


Both the above-mentioned points are significant determinants of how the company treats and perceives its employees, which in turn has an implication on talent attraction and retention. Workforce planning can play a pivotal role in the long run when it comes to the company’s reputation, margins, overall profitability, and work culture. Hence, it is high time that every organization starts treating workforce planning as part of the long-term strategic vision and puts it on the same pedestal as financial planning. 

By employing demand, supply, and gap analysis, organizations can successfully understand their present and future skill requirements, and consequently, come up with solutions to fill the skill and talent gaps. Workforce planning helps to forecast the talent needs of the company enabling it to take up new projects and grab opportunities due to reduced turnaround and reaction time to changing industry & economic conditions, more productive/ efficient employees, and better alignment of different components of the organizational strategy.

By understanding that if the workforce planning is adequately catering to the needs of business and employees, organizations can ensure that the right talent is employed at the right time for the right role, with the right compensation, and in the right position. Hitting the bull’s eye in each one of the parameters enables businesses to accelerate growth, and provides individuals with the perfect opportunity to advance in their careers


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Cacti’s work culture has allowed me to change my career field after 18 years of experience. The transparency and faith gave me the confidence to take up opportunities in a completely new field and succeed in the same. It is the commitment that Cacti puts into my growth that acts as the biggest motivator.
– Laxmee Jena

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I have worked in different areas to understand what I enjoy the most. The creative freedom and opportunity that I have been given to try and learn different things have truly made work enjoyable for me.
– Lipi Gandhi

Our Testimonials

Coming from a non-technical background to working in the tech-analytics domain of the organization, Cacti has paved the way for my dreams to become reality. This was possible because Cacti helped me to become an expert and specialize in the field of my liking
– Ankita Kumari

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What makes Cacti Global unique is the inclusivity and the strong culture of collaboration that I have seen being reflected across all levels within the organization as well as echoed in client profiles. The open and supportive environment has encouraged me to share ideas. The team spirit and willingness to help each other are truly inspiring. I am grateful to be a part of such a great group.

– Gaurav Agarwal

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Cacti Global has provided me with a very conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper. The essence of the organization lies in its contemporary, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach towards ways of working. There is a true sense of belonging, respect, and involvement that has helped me derive job satisfaction

– Ritwik Raj


Our Testimonials

Satisfying and smooth journey for 2 years with Cacti has helped me in maintaining an incredible balance between my personal life and job. For me, Cacti has been like a family which is always supportive, and encouraging. The flexible hours is a huge plus and also a major motivator.
– Rita Jaitley