Overcoming the Challenges of Flexible Working

In the past two years, the way employees manage work and personal life has changed, and there is a tacit realization that productivity can be achieved regardless of working from the office or during set hours. Rather employees have learned to balance their job, personal lives, and their hobbies, without having to compromise on any, and they are not ready to give up comfort and flexibility anytime soon. 

Every other business newspaper has an article highlighting the disconnect between companies requiring employees to return to the office and employees being reluctant for the same. 

So this poses a challenge for many companies in different industries on how to recruit and manage remote/ hybrid teams whilst making sure that productivity, company culture, and motivation of employees remain intact. Further, there is no one size fits all, instead, customization as per the teams and departments is needed according to the factors like inter-employee interaction requirements, the number of collaborative projects, the extent of connection needed between teams, etc. Assessing the same for every team can be a herculean task especially when companies are still trying to wrap their heads around the no-office-flexi-working wave, acclimatizing employees of all generations with technologies like productivity tools, HRMS making sure that there is smooth cross-functionality. 

Many companies are asking the question – What is the point of having employees come to the office when the same or better quality results can be achieved through flexible teams?

Though there is no one set answer because even though now the definition of productivity has changed from being present in the office to actually getting work done, companies need to remember that the greatness of an organization is defined by the culture, values, and connection between the employees!

Cacti Global has been striving to make flexible working effortless and effective for both companies and talent. The vision of Cacti Global founders saw the value in flexible teams long before world disruption brought the truth forward. It is the innovation and converting barriers into opportunities that have helped the organization get its due recognition from Silicon India Magazine as “ The Most Promising Legal Startup.” Cacti Global was recently awarded by the Aegis Graham Bell (supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Skill India Online, National Informatics Centre, MeitY, powered by mUniCampus)  under the Innovation in Managed Services category.

Cacti Global provides Talent as a Service (Taas), the service offering includes Domain TaaS, Flexi TaaS, and Enterprise TaaS. We assess the company dynamics and project requirements and align the best talent that fits into your organization’s long-term goals, work culture, and resource allocations. Not only do we recruit, manage and upskill flexible/ hybrid teams but we also help you achieve your ESG and SDG goals. 

Cacti Global strongly believes in creating employment opportunities, whilst keeping diversity and inclusion in check. In only three years the organization has managed to achieve 55% gender diversity, 10% career comeback professionals, and over 12% interns spanning across multiple tier-2/3 cities in India. We provide flexible working opportunities for women who want to come back, retirees who have the zeal and expertise to bring change in the organization as well as for veterans and family members of veterans who want to join the workforce. 

Cacti Global knows from first-hand experience that people are the creative force behind every innovative organization, and with changing times, companies need to adapt and align their goals with the talent’s needs. 

Today, the talent has adapted to become efficient by balancing their personal and professional goals. Cacti Global takes this enormous talent possessing ideal time-management skills, creative ideas, tech skills, and the right attitude and builds flexible teams for organizations by placing the right people in the right place. Cacti Global has helped numerous organizations boost their business outcomes, optimize their costs, and improve their processes and operations without having to trade off company values and culture. 

As Kakuzo Okakaura said, “The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” The same applies to organizations that want to stay on equal footing with the industry advancements, and Cacti Global helps companies to master this art, making them more adaptive and effective than ever before!


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Our Testimonials

Cacti’s work culture has allowed me to change my career field after 18 years of experience. The transparency and faith gave me the confidence to take up opportunities in a completely new field and succeed in the same. It is the commitment that Cacti puts into my growth that acts as the biggest motivator.
– Laxmee Jena

Our Testimonials

I have worked in different areas to understand what I enjoy the most. The creative freedom and opportunity that I have been given to try and learn different things have truly made work enjoyable for me.
– Lipi Gandhi

Our Testimonials

Coming from a non-technical background to working in the tech-analytics domain of the organization, Cacti has paved the way for my dreams to become reality. This was possible because Cacti helped me to become an expert and specialize in the field of my liking
– Ankita Kumari

Our Testimonials

What makes Cacti Global unique is the inclusivity and the strong culture of collaboration that I have seen being reflected across all levels within the organization as well as echoed in client profiles. The open and supportive environment has encouraged me to share ideas. The team spirit and willingness to help each other are truly inspiring. I am grateful to be a part of such a great group.

– Gaurav Agarwal

Our Testimonials

Cacti Global has provided me with a very conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper. The essence of the organization lies in its contemporary, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach towards ways of working. There is a true sense of belonging, respect, and involvement that has helped me derive job satisfaction

– Ritwik Raj


Our Testimonials

Satisfying and smooth journey for 2 years with Cacti has helped me in maintaining an incredible balance between my personal life and job. For me, Cacti has been like a family which is always supportive, and encouraging. The flexible hours is a huge plus and also a major motivator.
– Rita Jaitley