Human Element in the Age of AI Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence plays an extremely important role in the age of modern-day recruitment and can help employers filter through job applications and make teams more efficient. Hiring managers spend 15% of their time (Schur, 2019)  recruiting for one position, here AI can handle front-end tasks to help managers spend more time on hiring quality candidates and less time on tedious repetitive work such as job posting, advertising, assessments, vetting, and phone/video interviews.

AI has revolutionized recruiting and is immensely valuable but it cannot work in isolation.

Companies receive up to 250 resumes daily for corporate job openings keeping HR teams constantly occupied! 68% of recruiters agree that AI can remove unintentional human bias during the recruitment process (Stefanowicz, 2023),  79% of employers and managers (Friedman, 2023) use AI to analyze job applications and contracts to hire more diversely by filtering applicants placed in similarly situated positions during the interview process.

AI tools work wonderfully on pre-selected criteria which is also why human intelligence is the final layer required for hiring and decision-making. Further, there is a risk of algorithmic bias for workforce strategizing and the Data & Trust Alliance recognized this to be among AI’s potentially discriminatory effects during policy-making. Even the smartest algorithms experienced perpetuated bias in hiring practices when recruiting male and female candidates in the tech sector, and this applied to other industry domains as well. The problem arises due to data inputs and built-in liabilities in AI tools that come from the vendors’ end during the design process (Alliance, 2022).

This necessitates human involvement and oversight since intuition and human cognitive skills are elements that technology cannot completely replace or replicate. Candidates often crave an emotional connection when raising queries or going through the process, hence dehumanizing the candidate experience through AI can result in candidates changing their preferences.

Real-time AI is used to analyze user behaviors and preferences and enhance the business productivity process. Automated AI chatbots streamline customer interactions and resolve problems quickly. However, it fails to gather enough information to get to the root of user woes when collecting intelligence. Job seekers can also use strategies to bypass AI checks and studies have shown that AI systems that are used to measure human personality traits were not reliable and showed substantial instability when measuring key human elements in the hiring process. (Alene Rhea, 2022)

What AI Cannot Do But We Can

Flexible talent acquisition solutions are the answer to effective change management and Cacti Global helps companies find the right talent to suit their business requirements. Through faster turnaround times, seamless automation, AI integration, and conscious human involvement in hiring you will notice a significant improvement when it comes to Talent Management.

We understand that it is not just hiring but also engagement that matters. Hence, we focus on the career development of professionals, who in turn help you strengthen your business growth.  We take a holistic approach when it comes to scaling your organizations through our Talent as a Service (TaaS) solutions.

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